Are Zeikos flashes reliable?

Started Apr 12, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Are Zeikos flashes reliable?

ErickMoral wrote:

I'm starting into flash photography so I decided to order something cheap, but powerful, so I decided to go for some $65 Vivitar DF 286 which turned out to be a piece of crap, it didn't work properly out of the box, it flashes like by itself every time I move the head, the test button didnt react all the time, up to the point in which the thing no longer works. (Actually when it did decided to work, that thing was VERY powerful).

I'm returning it to B&H and I saw this Zeikos ze-690ex which costs about 89 dollars, I'm guessing i can invest a few dollars extra to get it, but the thing is I dont want to have the same bad experience I had with the vivitar, anyone tried Zeikos before?

Would you put your life savings in Fred's bank?  Never heard of Fred's bank either.  Stick to your OEM flash, Metz or Quantum.

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