Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

dradam wrote:

migibson99 wrote:.

Agreed.  But if a carpenter picks up a hammer and the handle is curved instead of straight, and it's uncomfortable for him to swing, and the way it feels in his hand makes it harder for him to do his job, then he's going to stick with the straight handled hammer.  Blaming him for being "old school" or "unwilling to get with the times" , or explaining the superior aerodynamics of the curved handle hammer won't change that.

If the carpenter has actually tried the hammer and really just doesn't like it, that's perfectly legitimate.

However, I feel with Windows you are getting a lot of people who see the new curved handle and decide they don't like it without ever holding it, and that many of these same people are then making a big stink about how horrible the new handle is.  Then again, I think that the new handle actually IS more aerodynamic and that people would like it if they just give it a chance (and, if not, that the curve is subtle enough that it can basically be ignored).

I see your point, but don't necessarily agree with it.

Taking the humorous hammer analogy one step further, what you are saying essentially is........If original hammers didn't have handles at all, and that was what carpenters were used to, and then they started making hammers with handles, the carpenters might hate the new hammers.  The handle might feel strange and unnatural until the carpenters got used to them (which wouldn't take long), and then they would quickly realize how much better, easier and more efficient hammers with handles are.

Sounds logical, but I don't think this is what MS has done.  I don't think they have advanced the hammer, but rather I think they have taken a perfectly good hammer and added a saw blade to it.  One tool for 2 jobs!  Sounds good!  NOT.  A carpenter would rather have a hammer and a saw than a hammer/saw hybrid.  What MS has failed to realize is that most  people are ok with a desktop OS and a mobile OS.  In fact, most people would prefer to have an OS dedicated to the platform they are using.  If there are similarities and familiarities across both platforms that is fine, but they don't need to be the same system.

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