My first Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm portrait.

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Other experience? Nope, not yet. But hear this.

Alejandro Ruiz wrote:

It's a very nice portrait, with a lot of life, and the processing brings a kind of nostalgic happiness feeling, perfect for circus word.

Thanks.  I thought so too.

I also found the work on DOF very interesting: sweet bokeh in the back and hands that seem moving (I needed to check the shutter speed to get they were oof).


I'm very interested in this lens, but still doubtful in this focal length portrait capabilities (I couldn't afford this 17,5 plus the 25 or the longer one announced).

I bought the 17.5 because I have the 25mm PL, but not yet any 35mm EFL prime. I'm happy so far.

In your photo the added perspective of the 17.5 fl works very well: with the subject, a man, a circus artist, and with the composition, minuscule trailer, hands.

I think it is a good FL for environment portrait and small groups.

I would like to know if you already have a more general judgment about this lens portrait capabilities. Do you shot other portraits ? Do you notice much distortion?

Not yet. This was my first ever day with the lens.

I don't plan on using it on head-shots (although I might in the circus, where distortion could be a benefit).  I plan to use it on portraits that include head, torso, waist and environment.  And basically also on all the rest.

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