Finally got to see the G1X,G15, and S110 in person

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Re: Finally got to see the G1X,G15, and S110 in person

Marco Nero wrote:



To increase the AF speed you need to change to the smaller, singular AF reticule.

That helps a little, especially in low light situations to get a focus at all, but will also have an impact on the exposure settings (as far as I understand - please correct if wrong)

Also, they should have added the Filter Mount Ring to the box...

I agree, furthermore the availability of the 250D should have been improved (which is not even understandable by a business point of view - don't they want to sell their products???). I had to buy a used one, was sold out everywhere...

...and they should have programmed to camera to automatically switch to "Macro/Closeup" when needed.  Otherwise it simply refuses to lock focus on objects within a few feet of the lens and people therefore assume the camera has a problem.

I could not agree more!!!!  At least the option in the settings menu to have an automatic switch would have been VERY helpful.  I just came back from a dive trip where you zoom in on closer objects (e.g. Morey eel) which are absolutely not macro shots and you would not even think of macro, but it will not focus, due to the use of zoom (might be also a little due to the different refractive index of water) the minimum focus distance increases even further and therefore you have to change to the macro mode.  That results often in a missed opportunity, since wildlife tends not to wait until your camera has made up its mind...

I still agree with Marco, in that you can take very good pictures with the G1X and that especially in low light situations the large sensor helps you to get good quality pictures - if you can get it to focus.  My rumbling is about a missed opportunity by Canon to make a really outstanding camera that would have dwarfed the competition.  To me, as a layman and pure hobby photographer, it seems that only a little more effort in R&D and a more crisp operation and AF would have achieved this. I just wonder if the R&D-Team either ran out of budget  or was held back by the marketing guys that were afraid it would eat into the DSLR sales if it would be as good as it could have been...

Anyways, the options for enthusiast cameras - if your budget is in the G1X range - has substantially improved over the past years and if you are not bogged down by specific requirements (I needed an affordable underwater casing) you should be able to find something that covers your requirements quite well.

Good luck


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