If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

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Re: The D4 is NOT leaps ahead of the D600

sandy b wrote:

It is very marginally better. The D600 focus is as good as the D700, IQ is better than the D800 except for resolution. I have shot with all the cameras you mentioned, and for a general camera, the D600 can't be topped. Second highest MP dslr made, second highest high ISO IQ to the D3s, strong build, great sealing, more than adequate buffer, superb video. Incredible price.

There is a reason that the D600 got one of the highest DPR scores ever for a DSLR and  universally very high reviews.

Thank you. I have only 1-2 assignments per month as a photographer. So if my D300s not suitable I lease camera from somebody and test it myself by the way. So my conclusions never based on 3rd party review but my experience. I'm a technician at work and do some analitics and research in equipment and systems. This is why I got field experience with many cameras and lenses.

It is very hard to test a new camera, because of reading 3rd party opinions as DXOmark or DP reviews sets high mark at expectations, and in harsh conditions they seldom make wonder.

So were D800 and D600. After D4 in hand they sucks, at least in hard light situation. May be I determined for miracle IQ, and sets expectations too high for D600 and too low for D7100.

Another reason is motivation to use cameara. I've found that with more and bulky equipment I often don't use it at all when I have choice. If you have pump rifle, colt 0,45  and small beretta what you put in your pocket if you don't determined to shot somebody? As by the way weapon I prefer light and small and not so bulky TT while it has low accuracy and lesser power. But it is cheap and rounds are small and cheap too. It is gunner analogy. I've make less shots with bulky camera and tend not to take it with me just in case. So I lost many perfect shots because of bulky equipment. If I drag out of backpack D800 with grip and 80-200/2.8 the crowd begins posing and I take too much attention for sneaky shot. One time I ever seriously considered V1 or m43.

So wait for my review and conclusion about D7100 after some real works.

I'm not predetermined (at least I try to be). D7100 vs D600 directly compared have 3 great  advantages (as for me):

- OK button focus point zoom;

- No oil spots misfortune;

- AF tracking and 1,3 crop AF coverage.

- smaller walkaround DX zoom.

Let's wait 1-2 months of usage and make conclusions after. In the end happiness with equipment not directly depends on price, features and class of it. Good luck with photo!

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