OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: OMD severe flash exposure problem

photofan1986 wrote:

Hi there,

I have been using my OMD for about a month now, and with the exception a couple of things driving me mad (like the rattlesnake problem, wich IS a Olympus problem), I am slowly learning to use the camera, and trying to forget my 50D (not so easy, in the end).

I never used the flash, as my 25 1.4 allows me shooting with ambient light most of the time, but yesterday I decided I will give the small clip-on flash a go.

The exposure accuracy for continuous light is excellent on the OMD. Much more consistent than some of my previous Canon cameras. The 50D was very good, too, but I'd say the OMD is better.
However, flash exposure, at least with the clip-on flash, is not very consistent, to say the least!

The camera seems to be underexposing by close to a full stop, but moreover, it is VERY sensitive to reflective surfaces, much much more than my Canons ever were.

Here are some examples:


50D, FEC 0.0 EV


50D, FEC 0.0 EV, slightly underexposed, but not as severely as the Olympus.

OMD, FEC 0.0, white background, extreme underexposure!

OMD, FEC 0.0 , changed framing, good exposure!

OMD, FEC 2.0 EV needed to get a similar exposure!!

50D, FEC 0.0, good exposure.

50D, FEC 0.0 ,changed framing, slightly brighter, but very good exposure.

As you can see, the Olympus is not only underexposing severely, but it is also very, very sensitive to framing (and light reflections). Moreover, Oly does not allow flash exposure lock (which Canon does) to help sorting this out. The only way to get proper exposure is to constantly play with the FEC according to the subject, but for that matter, I could also use prehistoric manual flash with more consistent results!

Anyone observed a similar behaviour? How is your OMD behaving? Does mine have a problem or is it just the (crappy) way the camera works?

Thanks for your help!

The canon shots are too bright.  The olympus has preserved the ambient to a better degree.

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