The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: What choice do you have?

I dunno where these prices are coming from.

In the UK the SD1m price is pretty stable in the few outlets that have.

Warehouseexpress are one of the biggest stockists and they show:

SD1m £1839 body only iincl VAT @ 20%.  That's $2822 or 2151 euros.

D600 is £1450,

6D is £1599

so Sd1m is well above their prices.

D800 is £1926, only £90 more.

All these cameras are much, much better cameras than the SD1m.  The D800 sensor outperforms the Merrill sensor as well even on resolution and the other two are not far behind.

The Merrill sensor is impressive in its restricted working envelope but the SD1m body is not. To these eyes, the SD1m is probably 50% over priced. The Pentax K5ii is £709 - it has excellent all round performance and pro quality body. The Sd1m can't compete with that but at this price point is provides a decent alternative: you sacrifice flexibility and performance but gain a specialist high resolution/low iso camera.

I guess everyone#s values are different and everyone's circumstances are different, and perhaps £1839 is small change for some but for me it would take a year or more to pay for even if I weren't required to pay for other things (!) and it represents a deeply unattractive price for a relatively weak camera.

I think the majority of camera buyers will agree with me which leaves Sigma high and dry once more with a few thousand enthusiasts as their potential market.

I still don't get what they are trying to do: this messing about with the occasional release of one or two under-performing and over-priced models isn't establishing them as a camera manufacturer. They've being doing it for a decade now and they are as far away, if not further away then when they started.  I wish I had some idea what they think they are doing. Maybe Alf's take isn't so very far off...

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