Red-Head lightning for portrait photography

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Re: Red-Head lightning for portrait photography

leecamera wrote:

CFLs are dependent on the quality of the florescent.  Most have an awkward green spike in the spectrum and are not best suited to image making.  I don't know how good or bad you tubes are.

I use a KinoFlo Diva 400 florescent for my food photography as a constant light source - but with genuine Kino tubes.  This gives a smooth spectrum.

Red Heads are inefficient (for their 800W power) in flood but more efficient in spot.

Hmm... I find that an intriguing comment.

Why do you think the efficiency changes between spot and flood? It is all the same amount of light for the same amount of electricity. In "flood" the light is spread over a larger area and is consequently less intense at any one point, that's all.

They are going to be very bright unless you dim them (so changing the colour) or have them far off (making them very hard).

Alas there's no real good & cheap light source.  (apart from the sun...)

Even the sun's rays get spread thinner sometimes, like at higher latitudes.

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