OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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That plus 1.3 flash comp made life so nice.....

photofan1986 wrote:

Sorry, John,

Didn't want to sound rude or anything. I am just getting low on patience.

Yes, I tried everything that could be made, including changing exposure mode, metering mode,  shutter speeds...just for the sake of doing it, even though I knew that it would not change anything, and it of course didn't.

Some people seem to have no understanding of flash exposure here, and my OP wasn't meant to educate them here but rather to search confirmation of the issue or not. Those with the sufficient knowledge answered my question actually. Others are missing the basic knowledge to answer my question. That's not a problem, as long as they don't try to make themselves  interesting by talking about things they visibly don't have a clue about.

Just back from the b'day party. I happily popped away with ISO 400, F/5.6, 1/50 sec., dim  room no real contribution by the ambient afternoon light, white ceiling so used the FL-300R as a bouncer on the E-PL5. Results as seen on the LCD look darn nice, a bit underexposed as per the histogram but looked good overall and will probably not need any significant adjusts.

Flash comp always at plus 1.3, metering the usual matrix or evaluative or whatever they call it, shots at various distances and focal lengths - at last my flash shots are reliable.

So the plus 1.3 flash comp stays forever as far as I'm concerned with whatever TTL flash I stick on the camera.

Summary - Oly users, if trying TTL flash, try plus 1.0 to plus 2.0 flash comp (via SCP) and see what works for you. Check the playback histogram to see how much is really needed.

Many thanks to photofan1986 for initiating this thread and getting me to check what the TTL flash really is doing.

Time for a cuppa and off to bed early, grandkids wear me out so fast....

Regards...... Guy

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