OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: Metering mode has no effect - Ha!

photofan1986 wrote:

Sorry, John,

Didn't want to sound rude or anything. I am just getting low on patience.

Accepted ...

Having just spent a couple of days talking my brother through a similar situation with his E-620 and FL-36, I am also a tad touchy ! Having him shout at me over the phone for over 30 minutes before I could get him to calm down and listen didn't help ...

Yes, I tried everything that could be made, including changing exposure mode, metering mode,  shutter speeds...just for the sake of doing it, even though I knew that it would not change anything, and it of course didn't.

The change between metering modes is very subtle with some subjects/background - barely visible, in fact. With other subjects/backgrounds it can make up to a stop difference.

In all your posted images, there is a substantial area of the frame that is approaching white (i.e. RGB values of somewhere around 200 and up). This will throw out Olympus matrix metering considerably. Can't speak for Canon metering, as it is different ...

In those particular circumstances, I would have used C-W spot metering, as the large areas of light colours have seriously interfered with the matrix metering.

The differences can be seen in the examples that I posted here:

I know that they weren't the best images, but they did illustrate the problem with using different metering modes with Olympus cameras with flash. The ambient light in those images was all but irrelevant compared with the flash output and exposure parameters.

Some people seem to have no understanding of flash exposure here, and my OP wasn't meant to educate them here but rather to search confirmation of the issue or not. Those with the sufficient knowledge answered my question actually. Others are missing the basic knowledge to answer my question. That's not a problem, as long as they don't try to make themselves  interesting by talking about things they visibly don't have a clue about.

Flash photography is very difficult, IMNSHO. There are many variables, and one must take them in and apply the required flash/exposure values for the camera one is using. It would surprise me greatly to find that Olympus has suddenly changed their metering/flash interface with the OM-D. It appears from the manual that they have not done so.

The other alternative is that either your camera or flash unit is faulty. But before then, you must establish that either one or the other, or both, are at fault. This can only be established by controlling your experiments in a far more structured way than your original images demonstrate.


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