Backup camera for Africa

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Re: Backup camera for Africa

mfouks wrote:

I am going on a photo safari in African (Kenya)  in September and I was thinking that I would get an additional backup camera.  I am currently using a D800.  My telephoto lens at the moment is a 70-200 f2.8 with a 2X extender.   My first question is what would make sense as a second camera?  I was thinking that the D7200 would be a good choice but perhaps a D600 would be better (assuming no dust issues).  I believe both are about the same size/weight.

My second issue which I will also post on the lens forum is what telephoto lens to either invest in or rent.  I am looking for something not too heavy (will be using beanbags not a  tripod) as I am very concerned about holding and travelling with a heavy lens although I guess the beanbags will help.  So I am considering the 300 f2.8 lens or the new 80-400 lens that has just come out.  I have rented the 300 f2.8 for another trip and found it to be about as heavy as I can handle.  I also used the 1.4 and the 2X teleconverter with it.  Am I correct that the image quality will be much better using the 300 2.8 lens with teleconverters  as opposed to the new 80-400 lens?  I was thinking that one camera would be used with the 70-200 and the other would be used with the longer lens.

Any comments/ideas would be very much appreciated.


Traveling light could mean going DX.  It could mean going to a different system and micro four thirds is worth it. Look at the Panasonic GH-3 or a rangefinder style.

next completely different for stills not so much for video is the Fuji x100s, X20, XE, Xpro

the Xpro, XE and even Nikon A have a large sensor.  You can go to B&H photos site and search point and shoot and arrange the list for cost high to low.  I think the Sony is a $2000, p&s.

If your shooting lots of action a DSLR is the best solution.  For everything else these are good options and you will like the lighter load.

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