Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Those are APS compacts with slow lenses

excellent analysis. very interesting read. Thanks for that!

One question, however; are you sure of your numbers? How can any single production element costing perhaps 40-60% of the total SALES cost of the device make the line profitable? (eg 1000 usd for a FF sensor or 250 usd for an APS-C sensor). My guess is these are going to wholesale at perhaps 40% of their street price, allowing for wholesale and retail markups. Something doesnt add up, unless I have missed something (probably have - heavy night last night ;-)).

I would think that camera manufacturers will be working towards a low cost FF P&S sometime fairly soon, now RX1 has led the way. My guess is that we will have "budget" FF p&s for around 12-1500 usd within 2 years.

Marketing will push the FF forward in the longer term; hyping the FF for the masses, probably using links to real film camera nostalgia as the hook :-). It's a hugely competitive game between the majors and the first to flagship FF as their USP for lower budget will garner a lot of residual business from the attention.

I agree with you about the useability of higher isos with various formats. I have RX100 and NEX 5N, and the difference in IQ at higher Iso's is amazing. I really do not care for the NR on these devices, is there any reason why we can't turn it off altogether? I know in RAW there is no NR but I would like to see no NR on the JPG side.

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