Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

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Re: Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

Aidan Gibson wrote:

I have held the d7100 its lighter but quite a lot bigger. I don't have the biggest hands so the K-5 is pretty nice to hold. I was confused with the Nikons Menu, but then again I am used to Pentax.

So I really like the ergonomics, but then again there are more important things to a camera. How does the 24mp sensor compare to the 16mp sensor of the K5. A lot of people said the higher iso is better on the k-5 I haven't seen any pictures so I don't know.

It's not only the menus, it's the various different button assignment options and button placements on the Pentax body. Re high iso, Just look at the raw comparison studio shots in the review section in here (d7100/k5iis). I did not have the time to comare them, but the k-5IIs is a renowned as an absolutely fantastic awesome performer in this regard. (and also low iso sharpness wise).

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