Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

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Re: Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

Sergey Borachev wrote:

This is what I suspected may happen to many buyers of G5, GX1, E-PL3, due to the older sensors in them.

No, I don't think that at all. Many buyers will not have a better model in their home. For by far the most buyers, this is their first camera or they exchange it for their P&S or 4 year old DSLR.

and without knowing there is something better on the market I can imagine most being completely surprised by the size and IQ that in most cases is at least on par with what they had.
They probably will be astonished by the AF speed, that swiveling screen etcetc.

And somehting else: I have EPL5, I do see the difference with my GH2 precisely where you can expect to see it and that is colour rendition and most of all dynamic range. But I am still happy to use my GH2 when the EPl5 battery needs to be reloaded. Also, the ergonomics, swiveling screen and controls are what I really appreciate after having shot with the EPL5 exclusively for a while. I am not bothered that much by the GH2 IQ and it seems to be a very small bit behind the G5 IQ.

Like many things, we don't know what we are missing until we try the newer and better versions/features.  I remember many people, myself included, in the 80s commented about how we did not need AF and that it is not hard to manually focus and save a lot of money blah blah.... because we were used to manual focusing and there were so many bargains then too, of older cameras when more and more AF cameras appeared.

Many would argue that these cameras like G5 would be fine for less demanding users who do not need the very best and expensive cameras.  Such recommendation is not going to make people who actually buy those camera happy for very long, even though they may be for a while due to the great "bargains".

The G5 sensor is on par with all Canon DSLR sensors on each and every way (DxOmark). So, if I understand you correctly and follow you reasoning there are multitudes of people who bought a Canon and are not satisfied with the IQ? I don't believe that is true. On this forum, with a small subset of people deep into technology, yes you'll find them. But I am convinced that 99% of the buyers will be very happy with what they get and the same will be true for the G5.
In fact: even over here I have come across many G5 users that came from an EPL2 or G2, even G3 that are very happy with the cam in each and every way.

The reason is that M43 sensor IQ was not really adequate for many situations or any demanding situations (high ISO or high DR) and still lacking for most until the E-M5, the E-PM2, E-PL5 and GH3.

I have noted the difference, I shoot a lot of weatherpics where DR is especially demanding. The G5 cannot be mentioned in this way. It is much better, especially the DR than Epl1/2/3 and G1. I have the G1 and have shot it side by side for weatherpictures in very demanding DR situations. The GH2 hence the G5 is really a notable step up. In RAW there is more headroom. Yes, EPl5 also is notably better, but that gap is not as big in my experience. And that difference is more notable than the noise difference.

You don't have to have the best but it is ncessary to have enough IQ or whatever.  Another reason is that the OMD sensor is a significant improvement over previous sensors AND all the other makers are coming out with this same level or better IQ, which means a clearly newer and higher standard. The X-Tran sensor, the NEX sensors, and even Samsung's new 20MP sensor seems to be offering better IQ than last year's sensors.

It is good to hear your experience and I hope it is helpful to those bargain hunters who are still undecided to consider more carefully, especially those who already have a better camera seeking another body or those who are likely to be exposed to better equipment or become more serious in this hobby.  Unfortunate as it is, technology advancement leaves casualty behind. Bargains may not be such bargains if they cannot serve you long and end up left in a drawer somewhere.  TCO.

It is clear that my viewpoint is quite different. I saw the GH3 next to the G5 the other day and as unsespecting buyer I would have bought the G5 in a heartbeat. So much smaller it isn't even funny anymore. Of all the other mirrorless camera's I saw, the only other cam that looked so well rounded as the G5 was the NEX6 and 7. When people buy a G5, I think they'll appreciate that swiveling screen a whole lot, certainly when they shoot video. The small size, the good EVF. When buyers are used to 3-5 year old tech (and I think many will even have older camera's) the cam will be a big big step up. An incredible mix of convenience and IQ.

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