D7100 - Need some advice

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Re: D7100 - Need some advice

mosswings wrote:

The camera did not acquire proper focus.  Nothing is sharp.

If you have a question about viewfinder focusing, try liveview focus, then compare. Liveview has no path difference errors in the AF system that could require fine-tuning.  However, a distinctly softer corner region can indicate a lens problem (typically), sometimes body issues.

I think you hit the problem in the first sentence. The camera did not acquire correct focus. Also the op says it took a 'long time' to take the exposure. That indicates to me that af was hunting around, got fed up, released the shutter anyway. I would suggest the op goes back to the manual and reviews the operation of the af system. Select a specific focus point and try that. Don't forget to try manual focus either, its not hard to do and often more accurate with difficult none af friendly scenes. Having said all that, the right side of the picture does look a tad worse than the left. I'm wondering if the OP has any more samples with this lens they can show us.

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