Nikon 85mm F1.8G I bought into the hype about how sharp it is. and " how its the best and sharpest"

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Re: Nikon 85mm F1.8G I bought into the hype about how sharp it is. and

OK, I tested my 85mm 1.8G again with a focus chart (printed in black).

It is sharp at f/1.8. Obviously not as sharp as when reducing the aperture, but for f/1.8 it is sharp (I'd say very sharp for an f/1.8 lens wide open).

Now here's why I only commented on sharpness... I'm colourblind. So I can't reliably judge any of the colour issues you mentioned.

I'm 99% sure my lens doesn't have the strong purple-instead-of-black issue (how is it called?) in the center, such as shown by websites such as TDP. I say 99% because, being colourblind, I just can't say it is 100% sure. But I can absolutely see it on TDP and it is obiously not like that.

My lens does seem to have the colour issues in the out of focus areas, with different colours in the front blur and back blur. I'm not sure what the colours are, but the back seems blue-purple type and the front looks red-green type of colour. It looks more or less similar to what Photozone shows in their Bokeh Fringing example (different targets, condition, etc. so can't expect it to be identical I guess). So I'd say this is normal for this lens (and probably many others, at least the 85mm 1.4G seems similar in the Photozone review).

I guess I've never even noticed this because, first, I'm colourblind and second, because it gets "swallowed" in my photos, as opposed to a test chart which shows it best.

But I have to emphasize that the severe non-black colour doesn't happen with my lens!

Edit: I just asked a non-colourblind person and I was right. The center looks absolutely black and not at all the blue/purple that some examples show. The bokeh fringing exists and it is mostly purple at the front and mostly green at the back.

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