Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

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Aidan Gibson wrote:

It was my dad that said I should get the K-5iis. I mean I really love the k-5iis but do I loose anything  in having not bought the D7100 or do I gain anything.

What is better in the Pentax except the awesome primes and the great weather sealing.

Nobody can answer this

You gained a lot with the k5ii over the Nikon but also lost a lot.

only you can know if what you gained is important Vs what you lost

I.e is crop-ability important to you so you can use a shxtty kit lens as a 300mm lens then complain your distant subject zoomed 5X is blurred if so you certainly got the wrong camera.?

Or is the ability to shoot a black cat in a coal cellar with AF important in which case bang on you have the correct tool for the job.

What your feeling is buyers remorse and is brought on by insufficient research into your subject prior to purchase, Nobody can correct that for you.

As for the features you mention you will only see that if you actually buy an awesome prime or shoot in heavy rain.

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