The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: What choice do you have?

Marty4650 wrote:

Ask yourself... why should Sigma sell this camera for any less than they have to?

They shouldn´t of course.

If they would not increase the sales significantly in number of cameras by going from $1500 to $1000, they shouldn't.

When it comes to the minimal price that makes profit, that's a tough one. Because Sigma has spend loads of money developing the camera and sensor and making the first batch of sensors. Its very hard to see how they can get that money back, by any pricing level.

This is the current situation though, and looking forward the best you can do is to take the loss and sell the coming cameras at a level that brings you more money than you lose. Not an easy task to make that choice.

They have chosen to sell the DP cameras at half the price of a SD1M camera, body only. The SD1M camera bodies cannot be all that more expensive to make, taking into account that the DP cameras contains first rate lenses, so the two prices are marketing decisions I would say, and are not dictated from the cost of making the cameras.

I maintain that $1500 for the SD1M is somewhat to high to make it sell in any substantial numbers. But - maybe that is according to the plan. Maybe they don´t have any intentions to sell many. Maybe they just want to sell some few. Maybe they want it to be an exclusive camera. The original price hints at that. Now, I know its another guy deciding now ...

All in all. If you really want a Foveon camera, the DPxM cameras are reasonable choices. Somewhat too expensive if you don't care about Foveon. But, if you do ... its just fine. To pay the premium price for SD1M (plus, for most of us, some SA lenses) makes that camera a very marginal seller on the market, I would guess.

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