The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: It just depends on where you live

Marty4650 wrote:

Even here in the USA, car ownership really depends on where you live.

It would be impossible to not own a car if you lived in Montana or Wyoming, or just about any other place that wasn't a large urban area.

On the other hand, owning a car in Manhattan is a real pain in the butt. You either need to be very wealthy or very foolish to try to keep a car in Manhattan, where parking is nonexistent, and foot traffic moves faster than driving a car.

Notice the parking rates in midtown Manhattan...

Also notice the "additional charge for exotic cars" of $422.39 on top of the $464.63 per month.

That's a positive bargain!...Monthly parking rates in central London are equivalent to over $1200 per month!  In fact London officially has the most expensive parking charges in the world, although I'm pretty sure we don't charge extra for "exotic cars".  This is probably because they are not considered so exotic here.

Also... you might be paying $3.22 a gallon out in rural areas, but in NYC it will cost around a dollar a gallon more than that.

Count yourself lucky!...We have to pay over $10 a gallon here!!!

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