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Re: D7100 'streaking', after additional tests

Today I shot the same scene numerous times using a different lens and a wide range of settings. The streaking issue exists in all my test photos, no matter what settings were used, only the magnitude of issues varies. I have to say that while I haven't seen this in my 'real' photos, the sensor appears to be quite sensitive with regards to low-light performance, especially in high contrast scenes. The things I tried:

  • ADL on/off
  • 12-bit/14-bit lossless/lossy compression
  • Different ISOs
  • High ISO noise reduction on/off
  • Tilting the camera 0-90 degrees

Some examples of the resulting photos after lifting exposure below. Uniformity of the wall ranges from bad to decent:

ISO200, no ADL, 14-bit lossless

ISO100, no ADL, no noise reduction,  12-bit lossless

ISO800, no ADL, no high ISO noise reduction

Rotated slightly, still exhibits geometry-related streaking

Rotated ~90 degrees, green color band on the right hand side, no horizontal lines though

The issue is most pronounced when shooting low ISO shots and storing at 12 bits. When shooting at a high ISO, enabling in-camera noise reduction helps.

While I don't think this will affect my normal shooting, it is still slightly disheartening to have a uniform area in the picture area smeared with geometry related streaks like that. In my original post I asked whether this is normal, can I do something in post-processing, and what to do to avoid the problem from appearing. Based on this thread and my additional test shots I conclude that yes, it is normal for D7100 and other cameras as well (although my test shots seem the worst). I guess that you could do something in post-processing (almost anything is possible now with the right tools), but maybe it is not worth the effort. To avoid this, simply don't shoot venetian blinds with darker areas next to it!

In summary, I don't think it will affect me, but I still don't have to like it. I have the NEFs if someone wants to take a look at them. I will also contact my seller and show the results, they will hopefully take the information to Nikon.

Thanks to everyone for such a lively discussion on the issue, it has been an interesting read!

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