Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

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Re: Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

I had a similar issue with the wheel on the GX1, but it was my first m43 camera, so I didn't have a baseline to compare it to. My second camera was an EPL-1, the GX1 was a better sensor in several aspects, but obviously not significantly better. It had no wheel, and I liked certain things on the EPL1 better and certain things on the GX1 better.

This made my transition to the EM5 pretty significant for me, as, aside from grip which I liked better on the EM5, the ergonomics of having two 3 wheels on top of the camera instead of just the mode dial and second adjustable wheel so much better. It added to some confusion I saw when people complained about ergonomics of the EM5: I hadn't used DSLRs, and while the GX1 felt great in my hands, the other ergonomics made up for it. It also had the built in EVF, which I had gotten used to on the GX1, the much better sensor, and ridiculously good IBIS.

I've since gotten a GF3 along with the 14mm, which new was the same price as the 14mm, and for a while considered it as a backup or small pocket camera with the 14mm. I didn't really like it much. The use of the GF3 was even less pleasant, the way you had to do mode dial and such all via menus, and I didn't really like the pop up flash and some other issues. When comparing it side by side with EPL1 with the FL300r vs the GX1 with pop up flash.. my not at all scientific process preferred the EPL1. The GF3 now collects dust (well, it's always good to have a third backup, right?). I have a LX7 now for pocket camera. While the GF3 is better, the LX1 has the zoom range that pushes it over the top.

Finally, this experience soured my idea at looking at the G5 as a second camera. The body ergonomics made me curious, as did having a fully articulate screen. but I think I'd feel limited by the sensor, even though the GX1 was great for me when I had it. I've now had better, and I've been spoiled
Right now the best backup camera for me looks like the EPL5, but that's still a bit pricy. I may get it in the future, but I'm also curious about the G6. If it gets a new sensor... it may be worth considering.

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