Here's my plan for 5D Mark III - does it make sense?

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Re: Here's my plan for 5D Mark III - does it make sense?

Yes, my background is in photojournalism. Just found some old photos of Maggie Thatcher that I stuck on my site as a tribute!

This is the first time I have had a card 'corrupt'. It wouldn't go into the card reader or back into the camera (Nikon D300s) without demanding a format. I did format it, knowing I wasn't bothered about the photos on it. I was then able to recover all the photos (and some going back over a year!) within 30 mins using the Sandisk Rescue program that came with the card (Extreme 'normal'). Oddly, it is now demanding to be formatted again so I suspect the card is no longer trustworthy. When you have two card slots, you are less worried about such things.

Anyway, I have only the one camera body these days which is much more dangerous than just one card slot (at least two of everything IMO including flash and lenses). I have the option of continuing with Nikon (D600 or D800) or going back to Canon. I have fond memories of the T70 and T90 in the 1980s and I got on fine with the 20D during its day. Do I regret moving to Nikon? Yes, overall, but will I regret going back to Canon? I am afraid it is QC issues that put me off staying with Nikon, and it is mainly AF probs that have driven me crazy. However, I'm sure Canon users have their own grievances.

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