Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

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Re: Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

I don't know if my friend has a 1.7 or 2.0 TC.   He wasn't happy with the results of his 1.4 last week, which is why we're going to look at AF tuning it.   He's a bit concerned that he might have a bad TC, so he'll try mine to see if there is any difference.

I have indeed shot the 1.4 with the 80-400 AF-S, and while I thought the results weren't so great the day I shot it, in looking at the images, they don't look bad.   You can see those test shots (and many others comparing the 80-400 with the 300F4 & TC and the old 80-400) here:

The 1.4 + 80-400 AF-S shots start near the end of page 13.

Clicking on the thumbnails gives you a large JPG - quite large as they are converted from (mostly) D800e files with no resizing.  Also no sharpening, but auto distortion has been done on the non-AFS 80-400 shots.  (There is no lens data yet for the new 80-400, so I can't use the auto distortion fix in CaptureNX2.)

It seems like adding the 1.4TC to the AF-S 80-400 also means stopping down a bit more - F10 looks noticeably better to me than F8, but it may simply be that I had a bit of front-focus with that combo.

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