Are new lenses getting too: heavy, wide and long?

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Re: They are changing

Nikon lens designs and changing.

Usually in lens motors and VR take up extra space so the lens has to be a bit to a lot bigger. VR and in lens motors often weigh more than the gears used in older generation body driven focusing lenses.

Digital sensors still do not handle light reaching them at a low angle as well as film, and digital is more prone to corner vignetting and CA with many older lenses than film was. Several of these issues are put at least part right with modern in camera and post processing software.

In the more recent lenses these issues are reduced with tele-centric lens designs which for wider angles generally have a larger rear element further from the sensor, combined with larger diameter front elements for the focal length and maximum aperture than was common in the film era. This adds more size to new generation lenses.

Optical moulded asymmetrical lens elements are often lighter and enable a specific optical quality to be achieved with fewer lens elements. In addition the non-glass parts of lenses are now often made with lighter materials then in the film era.

Because of all this although modern lenses tend to be larger, though they are not necessarily heavier and sometimes they are lighter.

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