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Re: Sony provides so much more!

Mike, it is you who come across as the religious fanboi, not Hank.

You're wrong, because I've listed a big fat list of things that the Sonys do that the other do not do. Yes, I'm a fan of Sonys, but it's not purely opinion or like based. The list of advantages is very real. Go a few messages back up, and go through that list.

It's you that puts up a lot of newbie funzie features most of us could care less about.

Yes yes I've seen it before. Nothing left to say. So the "I don't care about features" card. Rrriigghhtt....

I'd pay, in fact do pay extra so my cameras don't have most of the garbage. My cameras don't even have an Auto mode. The don't have artie filters. The don't even have scene modes.

I have both. With, and without. I have choice. You do not.

I don't want and will pay not to have some kind of sweap panorama mode where I get a fairly poor long skinny image.

You can do the panorama side ways. Then it's it's not so skinny. Oops. You lost again.

I pay a lot and fortunately don't have to put up with a lot of goofie features I don't use or want getting in the way.

10 fps, 12 fps, goofy eh? Are you for real?

Your critique of Hank's lenses is silly at best.

Jealous much?

It shows you might not know a whole lot.

Arrogance. Entitlement. I've seen it before. I'm not intimidated. You don't know what I do or don't know.

You might do better to continue playing with your A57 and collection of battery photographs.

Yes, and I can make it do things that you can't with your camera.

Again. Jealous much?

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