Recommend an inexpensive fast MF portrait prime for NEX ?

Started Apr 6, 2013 | Questions thread
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Amamba wrote:

I am starting to find out that the biggest problem with NEX system is really the lack of lenses. For primes, NEX seems to have at least some choice, but I really don't see any stellar mid-priced  zooms like Tamron 17-50/2.8, Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS or Canon 17-55/ 2.8 IS. At least not in the E mount with correspondisite compact size.

Correction, there are plenty of mediocre lens that "required' software correction.  But non of the quality fast f/2.8 zoom that doesn't required software correction (sigma 17-50/ tamron 17-50/ canon 17-55, etc...).

In defense of NEX, Micro 43 is just as BAD.  Panasonic 12-35 F2.8 is overpriced and it too required heavy dosage of software correction.  None of them are as sharp as what we're used to on the canon side. Quality lens without needing software correction.

I hope this is not the camera problem, with sensor size and Sony known sensor quality It really shouldn't be.

Sony has the best sensor, best dynamic range, best high iso.  Camera is perfect, its the lack of Quality Lens at affordable price that is killing it.

I ordered SEL50f18, and I expect to see much better results with it. Seems there's a few primes in E mount that are pretty good, and a plethora of old MF primes.

Old MF primes is the solution.  While losing AF is annoying, Sony great implementation of PEAKING makes MF fun again

But I couldn't find E mount zooms. 16-50 seems to have the same IQ as 18-55. 18-200 is a superzoom so I would be very surprised if it was anywhere near the desired quality. Plus it's expensive and rather large. Unless I missed something, looks like there's a glaring hole in NEX lens lineup...

Don't get the expensive 18-200. It is Big Bulky and Expensive.  This lens is actually bigger than tamron 18-270mm pzd on canon dslr.  You lose the size advantage of NEX with 18-200 mounted on it.  If you really want 18-200, stick with your canon dslr.

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