Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Those are APS compacts with slow lenses

tomtom50 wrote:

Your argument about Moore's Law not applying well is correct, but the reticle argument cuts the other way. FF sensors do not intrinsically require more steps to make; they are made in more steps because they are made in small quantities and dedicated tooling is not wothwhile for small volumes

This is a classic chicken/egg scenario.  Unfortunately for your argument, the steppers and fabline upgrades that could change this are multi-billion dollar investments that only benefit large sensor production.    How many FF sensors do you have to build before the ROI actually makes the unit cost lower? (Don't forget to account for the future value of money.)   And that's for a single site which would mean a single supplier unless multiple suppliers also made the investments -- but then each would have to spread the cost over fewer sensors.

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