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Re: There ain't no space and time

Najinsky wrote:

Cyril Catt wrote:

Whilst the iPads are excellent devices for displaying pictures, their internal fixed memory can be a limit whilst travelling, especially if you don't want to cull your naff shots until you have seen them on a bigger screen, and/or do not want to spend holiday/travel time sorting through hundreds of shots each evening. So, reluctantly, after thirty years as an Apple devotee, I have bought an Android tablet, which has a microSD card slot to increase its total memory. [...] Cyril

An interesting write up, but it would really benefit from some specifics to help put it in context:

  • What's the longest trip you did with this setup?
  • How many photos did you shoot, over which period and what size files?
  • How long to copy to the MicroSD card and what size/speed was it?
  • Did you back up daily, how big was the USB drive? USB drives tend to be very slow so I presume you left this running overnight with the device on charge?
  • While the initial import and subsequent backup was running, could you use the tablet for anything else?
  • What software did you use for Raw. Obviously Android has no built in support for Raw so you have to use third party software to either extract the embedded previews, or process the raw files. Which approach did you use and what was the extra storage and time overhead. Presumably you did this before backing up, or was the backup just for the raws?
  • How did you keep the previews/conversions associated with the raws? Still, if you're not culling them, probably no reason to even have them on the device once you've processed them.

[...]   -Najinsky

Those are interesting questions. I only wish I had had the answers to them, and to a lot more, when I was trying to make a choice between devices. But I found few answers, so have only recently decided to risk buying a Samsung GalaxyII 7 tablet on the strength of limited available data, to attempt using it to back up travel photos, AND as a travel guide / mapping / wifi / bookreader / etc. device. So it has not been fully stop-watch tested in a real life trip.

My only previous attempt at backing up my travel photos en route was with a bargain basement netbook. It did the job, but was too heavy to carry all day, had poor screen quality, and used Windows OS, which I am not used to. I realised that my iPad 2 had insufficient memory to back up my travel photos, but bought it to help with location finding in strange cities, through maps and guidebooks. It also proved a bit heavy to lug all day, and awkward to use in the street.  At the other extreme, an iPod Touch was too small for my old eyes to conveniently use for map reading, hence my interest in in-between-sized devices.

My trips are generally about a month long. But with the capacity of SDHC cards increasing and their price decreasing, I have been buying larger capacity ones each trip. This is partly driven by an increase in video and raw file use and bigger capacity cameras, but also by taking more pictures. The last trip yielded some 60GB of photo files, about half and half video and stills. I would expect the next trip to produce considerably more. JPEGs are about 5MB, RAWs about 11MB (though I only take them when I think there might be some major benefit, as I do little PP work). Video clips vary greatly, perhaps 100 - 500MB.

I will try to back up daily, as I did with the netbook. My USBs are 32GB, SDHCs 16GB, the tablet’s microSD card is currently 32GB, but when I get round to upgrading the tablet OS to the next version of Android, it should be able to deal with 64GB cards.

I am not interested in processing any pictures - RAW or JPEG - whilst travelling. Travel alone can be hectic enough. So I have no idea what software is available for the tablet.

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