R3000 problems and - no end in sight

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Re: R3000 problems and - no end in sight

I have had an R3000 in service for 19 months having purchased one new at the end of October, '11.

I printed 1000+ 8x10's and 12x18's - all glossy without much of a fuss and began to see the ink mark issue 6 months into its service. At about the same time, I ran into a nozzle problem which required weekly head cleaning to maintain clean prints.

During the summer of '12, I was still in the, "can't be the high end printer - must be the user" state of mind and dealt with my frustration until the end of the 1st year when I called tech support, spoke of my issues with potential clogged heads and the annoying black ink marks.

Epson shipped a refurb unit before the end of the 1st year in service and all worked well for about a month and then I ran into the same issues = black ink + clogged heads.

I use only Epson Glossy Paper and Epson Inks.

I print at least 5 days a week.

I do not print borderless prints

I have never done any service of the capping station but certainly will after reading the input and guidance in this forum.

The black marks usually appear at the beginning of a print cycle - at the top of the image having off to the side.

Multiple calls to Epson support have soured my relationship with Epson. The last time, the technician actually had me print a test page and when it printed told me they could not help me.

With all of that said......As discussed by previous contributors, this is definitely a strike issue where ink is getting where it shouldn't (possibly at the end of a print cycle) and sitting in wait for the next time it can start a print cycle to deposit it at the beginning of the print job.

It could be that the R3000 is a high maintenance printer - unlike the previous R1800 I had which printed 10,000+ 8x10's and 12x18's before it started showing any signs of problem.

For my money, the R1800 was the best printer ever.

Thanks for the time reading my story - thanks for your input on this matter.

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