Another X-Pro2 Rumor

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Re: Another X-Pro2 Rumor

My "old geezer" is showing as I don't want a bunch of gimmicks, programs, connections, etc. I can't afford a Leica (and even more so can't afford a collection of their lenses). The X Series gives me the opportunity to have a Leica like experience at an affordable cost.

I heard a therapist tell an audience that if you buy a hippo for a pet, don't complain that it isn't a giraffe. If you bought a Fuji, don't complain because it isn't a Nikon super zoom or a Canon Rebel.

I sincerely hope Fuji stays focused on their original idea of satisfying those interested in a simple, mostly mechanical (feeling), well made camera that takes good pictures. That crowd doesn't need movies, satellite connections, maps to the world or more electronics that Tokyo at night. We just want a good camera.


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