Fuji X100s: Sunset at Laguna Beach, CA

Started Apr 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mark Carr Senior Member • Posts: 2,314
Re: Fuji X100s: Sunset at Laguna Beach, CA

Oger wrote:

Yeah I remember that beach

Good picture too.

Not so nice: The edge sharpness of the shot! clearly visible even without zooming in. Look at the waves being blurry. At 5.6!!!

Absolutely not tolerable for a camera at this price. Maybe (hopefully) just this one unit.

Maybe you should try to have it replaced.

Anyone else see this?



I think the waves appear blurry because the shutter speed was only 1/200, not fast enough to stop the waves. Perhaps if it were 1/500 or faster the entire scene would have been sharp.

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