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$1139 brand new

DVT80111 wrote:

My wife is asking for an Apple Macbook. She has been using her iPad3 to do iMovie edition, and she has outgrown its capability.

The cheapest Macbook Pro with an i5 core, Intel graphic, 1280x800 resolution, 4GB of ram, 4.5 lbs is $1099 refurb price.

You can get one of those for $1139 brand new from right now.  Scroll down on their latest e-mail specials page, and you'll find one that has a promo code for $60 off the $1199 retail price right this minute.

I can get a new Window ultrabook for less than $800, and she can use Adobe Premier.

Yea... but, look at the cost of the software; and look at the build quality of the hardware, ports it's equipped with, etc.

I'm not a huge Apple fan anymore (although I was in 1980s).  I used Apple II+ and Apple IIe machines many years ago and thought they were "worth their weight in gold" at the time.  They were tremendous values for what they were able to do, saving so much time istwas absolutely amazing (compared to using a calculator and typewriter to perform the same tasks).  Time changes. 

But, Apple priced themselves out of the market, and I built an "IBM Compatible PC" machine myself to get a better price/performance ratio after I got tired to swapping floppies; buying a case, PSU, motherboard, 5MB (not GB) Seagate drive, 640KB of memory, Hercules Compatible Mono graphics card, clock/calendar card, etc. -- and I've stayed with Intel based machines since then.

But, the lower end MacBook Pro models are not bad at all, judging from what most reviewers think of them; and Apple has been more competitive in that niche lately.

So, if your wife wants one, and you have the budget, I'd just get her what she wants, as the learning curve moving from something like iMovie to another video editor is likely to be significant.

If budget won't support a new MacBook Pro model, then look at older used/refurbished machines instead.  For example, I see some models using dual core processors with discrete graphics chipsets (Nvidia 330M, etc.) for a lot less right this minute when looking at refurbished listings at vendors like newegg. So, for some video editing tasks, that may work OK (Core 2 Duo with Nvidia 330M video chipset).

But, given the cost of a new machine (only a bit over $1k right now for a nicely equipped MacBook Pro with a Core i5 3xxx CPU, 4GB of DDR3, 500GB Drive, and plenty of ports), I'd probably got that route instead.

But she wants iMovie, sh.

She's already using it, and the learning curve to switch to another product would likely be significant for a user that's not really tech savvy.   So, I'd save her the time and frustration of learning a different product and just get what she wants if budget permits.

Thankfully, my wife is easy to please.  She's currently using a Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop we bought in refurbished condition from Dell Outlet approx. 5 years ago (using coupon codes for even more off, of course).   It came with Vista on it. But, I installed Linux in a dual boot config, and the latest I upgraded her Linux install, I wiped the drive (since Vista was just wasting space), and Linux have all of the space.

That works great for her needs, with it setup to Firefox, Chrome and Opera for web browsing, LibreOffice for docs and spreadsheets, VLC for media playback, Skype for Video calls, etc. etc. etc.

Thankfully, she's not into video editing yet.  But, if she was, I'd probably just install Kdenlive and OpenShot (both free) for her to test drive.  Given the demands of video editing on CPU/GPU resources, I'd probably need to upgrade her to a newer laptop model though.  Darn it.. they should last more than 5 years or so before I need to upgrade. 

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