Most Compact 1.4 Lenses (with Adapter Included)?

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Re: Most Compact 1.4 Lenses (with Adapter Included)?

The 35mm f1.4 pre-aspheric is tiny, but the price today isn't. Try $2500. I was stunned when I looked it up to add it to my insurance, now that it's my standard lens on the NEX-6 and will regularly leave home...

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Is there something around 50mm that has decent quality wide open and is very compact ?
I'm mostly interested in legacy lenses because they are much cheaper, but i'm curious about more modern lenses too.

it's certainly not cheap, but i think the leica m 35mm summilux pre-asph is smallest f/1.4 lens with adapter on the NEX:

the voigtlander 35/1.4 is about the same size and a quarter the price, though it performs a bit differently. next smallest would probably be the voigtlander 40/1.4 and pen f 40/1.4. they are reasonably priced for what they are, but not any cheaper than the sony 35/1.8. if you're willing to go a little smaller the the pen f 38/1.8 is tiny and a very nice performer, though it can have swirly bokeh:

if you want a 50mm the jupiter-3 is the smallest. same basic design as the zeiss zm 50/1.5 but with crappier build and coatings. they run around $150:

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