Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

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Re: Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

Sergey Borachev wrote:

The reason is that M43 sensor IQ was not really adequate for many situations or any demanding situations (high ISO or high DR) and still lacking for most until the E-M5, the E-PM2, E-PL5 and GH3.

This.  Until the EM5 m43 was a part time system for me.  I got the GF1, loved everything about it besides the IQ (and when do I need a small pocket camera? during evenings out when lighting goes bad), got the G1 at the same time for the twin kit lenses.  The G1 came into its own three years later as a winter camera since I felt it could be trashed and I wouldn't miss it (wound up being a saviour thanks to its performance in adverse conditions), thought it did limit some of the shots, snow tends to be low DR (shadows can go to black just fine!) with low color fidelity requirements.  Even the GH2 (which I got last fall) is close enough to my old Canon 18MP sensors when it comes to daylight standard DR use (PL filters help a lot here), but indoors, or outdoors in sunrise/sunset/dusk/extreme lighting it can't keep up with my DSLRs.

The EM5 generation sony sensor single handedly made m43 my "on the go" replacement system for FF camera in all but the most specific (ie: lens specific) situations.  Since the EPM2 has the same guts, even without an EVF or tilting LCD, there would be no question when choosing a backup (if necessary!).   To me, the 20/1.7 represented m43's vision, but the Sony sensor made it a reality three years later.

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