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Re: Shoot HS50 in Burst Mode!

CAcreeks wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I spent some time today performing a few tests that I thought were needed, including one that explains very well why we see so many blurry images from the HS50EXR.

If you want to comment or make a request, you know where to find me and you know where to find the reviews.

Thanks a lot for review #15 on burst mode. Totally amazing how sharpness improves during the burst.

Is this also advisable for the F900EXR? I would think so.

I have advised that setting since I started using HS30.


It does not improve sharpness at all but it only gives you higher rate of keepers especially on shots with very low shutter speed and the important thing is it allows you to use the camera buffer so you can continuously shoot and track the subject.

Check my HS50 settings, you won't regret it.


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