Most Compact 1.4 Lenses (with Adapter Included)?

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OP, you're getting some wrong replies here

ProfHankD wrote:

Keep in mind that FF SLR lenses are much more likely to give good IQ on a FF NEX, if that's in your future. Pen lenses will not even cover, and rangefinder lenses will probably have bad corners due to sharper rear projection angles for light hitting the sensor.

The Pen F lenses certainly cover the APS-C frame on a Nex.  I use them and lots of people do.  There is no cropping or vignetting.  On the 5/6 sensor, there is no issue with corner angles.

I've been through a zillion MF lenses in the 40-70mm range.  Small was not particularly a priority of mine.  However, the Pen F 40mm 1.4 is very small and very great as one of the other posts noted.   In addition to being sharp at all f stops it has wonderful character, just magical.  Some of this can be glimpsed in the dog photo in another post here. It is probably my favorite MF lens: most likely to be rewarding.

All the SLR 50's come out to be about the size of the SEL5018 when you add the adapter, and are heavier.  Except for extreme shallow dof you can get from the 1.2's, if you can really use that shallow, I haven't found any that really beat the SEL5018 all things considered.

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