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Chickadee Bath

I've done couple of bath series before but on this occasion I learned something that I hadn't thought about... We have several baths – traditional and bowls -- for our resident birds to bathe in. The Robins and Blue Jays are fairly regular, the Brown Thrashers and Towhees less so, and occasionally we even find the neighborhood hawk in the bath... But while I’d seen the chickadees drinking at the baths, I'd never actually seen them in the bath. Didn't think about it.... However, on a winter morning I caught this chickadee

My wife has some potted flowers that she puts out in late spring and brings in before the first frost, but she leaves the dish they sit on. I had noticed bird drinking rain water from the dish but here was a chickadee finding a better use for the water... and I realized that all the other baths are too deep for him...

So now when I change water in the other baths, I also change water in the bowl... When the flowers return we'll have to make other arrangements for the wrens and chickadees...

Thanks for taking the time to look in  .......

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