Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

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Re: Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

jalywol wrote:

.There was one single ergonomic problem for me, however, that trumped all of the other positives of the camera, and that was the thumb wheel action.  I've been used to the GH2 thumbwheel (click to shift between aperture and exposure compensation adjustment).  I had really taken to that method of camera operation, and found the two wheel setup on the GH3 a big adjustment as a result, so I was looking forward to using it again on the G5.  Unfortunately, where the click wheel is located on the G5, it is very difficult to keep a good grip on the camera while moving your thumb all the way to the right to change the settings, AND the wheel is very stiff.  What this does, at least on the camera I had, is requires you to push a bit on the wheel to both hold on to the camera AND turn the wheel at the same time.  No problem right?  Well unfortunately, if you apply pressure to the wheel when you turn it, you end up clicking it into the other mode...Now, I might have had a particularly sticky/stiff to turn wheel, but I found this to be unuseable for me.   IF they had had a way to shut off the push-to-switch-mode action, I could have lived with it, but I was finding that every time I went to change aperture, I would end up clicking it into exposure compensation instead...and swearing at the camera as a result.   Sure the little exposure compensation lever they put behind the shutter is an excellent option, but if only they had made the click wheel function able to be shut off and used strictly for aperture (or shutter speed) control, it would have solved all the problems with the click wheel operation.

i had the same problem with the G3 : as much as I liked that click wheel on the G1, where it was well implemented, it had become a nuisance on the G3 for the very reason you are describing : the wheel didn't protrude out enough, it was hard to turn while at the same time to easy to click; also it became harder to turn with time, not less and  the number of accidental clicking kept growing.

The G3 was a deception for me : inferior to the G1 for ergonomic while not offering a very visible  sensor improvement. To the point that I got an E-P3 afterward and used it most of the time inspite of the older sensor : the camera was just much more agreeable to use.

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