OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Always underexposure for me.

John King wrote:

Gidday Guy

What metering mode were you using?

Matrix mode always, for daylight and flash, then add/subtract either ambient or flash compensation to get the results needed.

Can you please upload the images with EXIF intact - any size will do for these purposes.

Not right now, right now have to go across Sydney to g'kids b'day party plus have visitors for next couple of days and that will slow me down. I'll do a more comprehensive test in a few days and include the other metering modes that I never seem to use. In fact I might add to my web pages if I come to a sensible conclusion based on what my mix of Pens and flashes always do.

With the OP's original images (having downloaded them), I can plainly see where the exposure has been biased by the metering mode used - matrix mode in all cases. The camera merely did what it was instructed to do ... Hence the very ordinary results.
The camera was told to do the wrong thing, and did it ...

Matrix mode (if it really works as intended with flash) would be taking note of the potentially blown highlights and thus maybe erring on the side of underexposure, but roughly 1.7 stops too low, that's too much for me. The plus 1.3 flash comp I use is a reliable compromise with matrix metering and I don't need to fiddle much more with the exposure.

Oly TTL has two TTL preflashes so surely it is working hard in that time to try and get the right result, but doesn't seem to get the right result unless you are relying heavily on ambient light supporting the exposure.

Earlier I mostly used my old Nikon flashes on the Pen in their auto mode and everything worked fine, I graduated to Oly TTL flashes and the results suffer, unless I add that permanent plus 1.3 flash comp.

I always use Manual camera mode for flash and set shutter speed and aperture (and ISO) to suit the occasion. It's surprising how well the tiny FL-LM1 does when at ISO 800 and the FL-300R at ISO 400 never seems to be underpowered for direct or bounce in normal home situations.

In other words, I am definitely not seeing the results of using an underpowered flash in my tests, it's all to do with default TTL flash metering.

Regards........ Guy

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