Besides the heft, is the 50mm 1.4 worth the extra cost over the 1.8

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Re: Besides the heft, is the 50mm 1.4 worth the extra cost over the 1.8

What is the issue that you guys are talking about?  Would the focus issue be obvious once I get the lens or is it something sporatic.  If I got the lens, I would want to know asap obviously if I had the issue.


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JLim22 wrote:

FYI, that thread is on a crop sensor, not a full frame. I guess it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, but sharpness and bokeh will be little different.

I have a Sigma 50 that I've used on my 7D and 5Dmk3 quite a bit.  Sharpness is good on the 7D and excellent (even at f1.4) on the 5Dmk3, bokeh is good on both, smoother on the 5Dmk3.

I've been looking for a 50mm as well, and if you're concerned about the size of the Canon 50mm, the Sigma 50mm is going to feel enormous and heavy.

Yep, I have the Canon f1.8 as well and will carry it when I want something really light, but then it's often on a rebel body as the 7D and 5Dmk3 themselves are rather large.

I've been trying to get a good copy of the Sigma 50, but its not easy as many has focusing problems. I ordered a new one online last week and it really bad front to back focus shifts. I contacted Sigma, but I decided to return it. I've been trying craigslist in hopes of getting a good copy, but it seems like people selling used are selling because they're having problems.

Yes, people unwilling to send their lenses in for service often are gracious enough to sell off their problems to unsuspecting people who then don't have the warranty required to simply have it fixed for free.  I guess can understand people being afraid that it won't be fixed if they send it in and would rather just return it, but it seems silly to buy 4 or 5 that all behave the same way due to needing a firmware update (for 7D and 5D3, that's what Sigma did for mine).  I sent mine in because it was somewhat erratic, now it's quite good.  You still miss more at f1.4 than you will with a zoom, but that's pretty typical.  I did a shoot with the Sigma 50 and the Canon 85 f1.2 L and found them to have similar hit rates.

In terms of image quality, I would say Sigma is the best of the three. You just need to find the one that focuses properly. I also have the Sigma 35mm, so I'm not in a hurry to get a 50mm. But it would be nice if I can find a good Sigma 50mm soon...   50L is out of my price range, so no need to talk about that one. Haha.

Yeah, Sigma's 35, 50 and 85 make a pretty affordable killer prime trio.  Certainly the 50 has the biggest reputation for focus issues, it's also the oldest of the 3.  I've had several Sigma lenses and the 50 f1.4 has been the only one that I've needed to send in.  Sigma fixed it up though they didn't give me a TON of info on what they did when it was returned.  I called them to discuss it and they were great on the phone, just terse in their on paper "report".

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