Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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I do wonder whether a D400 will be as revolutionary as the D300 in its day, or whether it will launch along the more evolutionary D3 to D4 transition. I mean, how much better can things get ?

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I think we already know what kind of IQ we can expect from the D400, just look at the D7100. I think it is pretty good, I don't think it is revolutionary.

With everything else you'll be splitting hairs comparing it to the D300, unless video and various bells and whistles matter to you a lot. In fact, most people looking forward to D400 probably don't want anything else changed from D300, lest Nikon ruin it with improvements.

I doubt this will be a game changer, I just don't see how can it be. Even if Nikon figured out how to make it shoot 30 frames a second -- do you really need it?

Interesting points , it certainly wont be a game changer - digital has somewhat matured as a technology and there wont necessarilly be game changers in the camera world as we move into the future, we will probably see gradual evolutions instead of revolutions  ......... another thing to consider regarding th D400  is that the camera market has changed since the D300 and that is probably why the D400 is a big conundrum at Nikon HQ. It will be interesting to see what the D400 will have that will differentiate it substantially from the D7100 & the D600 ........ if ever Nikon get round to releasing it

If they plan on making it a real upgrade to the D300, it's not hard to differentiate a D400 from the D7100:

  • 8fps at 24MP (might require grip for max fps)
  • 25-35 shot buffer for 14-bit RAW
  • AF system commensurate with D800 (without the troubles the D800 had)
  • Shorter mirror blackout time which improves AF performance at max fps
  • Dedicated AF-ON button
  • 10-pin connector for compatibility with other Nikon pro bodies
  • Build similar to D300/D700/D800
  • Price in the range of $1500-$1800
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