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My wife is asking for an Apple Macbook. She has been using her iPad3 to do iMovie edition, and she has outgrown its capability.

The cheapest Macbook Pro with an i5 core, Intel graphic, 1280x800 resolution, 4GB of ram, 4.5 lbs is $1099 refurb price.

I can get a new Window ultrabook for less than $800, and she can use Adobe Premier.

But she wants iMovie, sh.

Do you let her go to Starbucks?

Seriously, if she thinks Mac is the way to go, she'll never be satisfied with with Windows and Premiere.

A 27" iMac would be a great choice, they work well with video. She can use the iMac when she's doing video and the iPad for iSurfing when she's out and about. If she's just doing family stuff & putting it on the web, she'll be quite happy this way. Have her shoot in 480p if you can.

My wife is a concert pianist and chamber music player ( who does a website, all her own publicity leaflets, posters, edits professional sound recordings (from a $3k digital recorder and $1k+ mics) and video clips on a nearly four year old 21" iMac, bought as a returned London Drugs closeout for less than $800 and the newer 27" iMac  she has in her university office.  She's also digitized and edited many hours of Hi-8 video from past family events and trips as far as the Galapagos. The results have been excellent.

OTOH, as a photographer seeking truly professional file system transparency, I became fed up with iPhoto after a couple of years, kept it going for a few more the great help from Brad Web's brilliant "iPhoto Library Manager" essentially as a parallel/backup system, and gave up on it totally in 2011, a year after starting a parallel PC system and running Lightroom on both PC and Mac. Over the last year+, my serious post processing and printing has moved from the Mac to the PC, mainly because of seriously funky colour management issues with Apple OS 10.7Lion (their somewhat less disastrous bloated OS mistep, now apparently largely fixed with 10.8).

If you want her to want to do it in Win/Premiere, then get her a class at your local Community College,  if their program is decent, they'll be running Premiere and Windows.

Surely, the woman is an adult and can decide for herself whether she wants to enroll in a Video editing course.  Heck, they might even let her enroll without her husband's permission!

I wasn't saying for him to force her, just that if he suggested/encouraged her to take a class, that it could have the effect of getting to like the idea of windows/premiere. Couple suggest an encourage each other all the time. I don't really understand what your problem is.

After a good class she'll have little interest in Macs and iMovie.

It is very much a matter of tools that fit the job, and the degree to which one wants to become involved in the guts of the process.  Certainly my occasional forays into Photoshop have mainly had the opposite effect.  A LOT can be accomplished with Macs, that's creative houses use so many of them ( and there is also Final Cut Pro.

Macs are fine computers, that's why I suggested one. I have worked in didgital content creation for 20+ years, but fear I don't what you mean by "creative houses." Final Cut is simply not used as much by pros anymore, Apple kinda ruined it in terms of work flow, but yeah, it's still a fine choice, as are Vegas and others.

OTH, you'll then be shelling out for a 64gb x79 system w/a fat honkin' RAID array, a DSLR and box full of sound gear. Take your pick.

The worst part of that is that ity all becomes toxic electronic waste in a few is very hard to justify such equipment unless it really is constantly used and updated.

Yes, computers and electronics become obsolete and the waste is a problem, I don't really understand what this has to do with the op's reluctance to the idea of  his wife  buying a Mac.

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There is simply too much beauty in the world to photograph it all, but I'm trying.

The point is to keep taking pictures ...and making movies.  That is best encouraged by using whatever equipment most easily and readily does the job.

My sig line is just a musing, I do continue to take pictures and like my gear just fine thank you.

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Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.

Actually, in terms of visceral impact, the still image could be argued to possess as much or more than most other artistic mediums combined,

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There is simply too much beauty in the world to photograph it all, but I'm trying.

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