Red-Head lightning for portrait photography

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Re: Red-Head lightning for portrait photography

leecamera wrote:

Red Heads are focus-able but because they're open face they have a sweet spot and less sweet spots to the light pattern.  Either way they need a quality softbox (I'd not risk anything less than a Chimera because of the heat) or full diffusion to blend the light into a better quality light source.

These can be quite cheap but they're not the greatest choice of lamps.

I do have a few strobes, but still find continuous lights nice for still life studies.  I don't do portraits.  Even cheaper than Red Heads are CFLs.  But I find light spill with my studio CFLs with umbrellas to be epic.  So the Red Heads do tempt me for better control.  My CFLs are 45W each (claimed 225W eqv), how does the output of a cheap Red Head compare to a 1 or 2 bulb CFL?

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