5D MkIII + 7D?

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Re: 5D MkIII + 7D?

scottv69 wrote:

I have a 5D MkIII and shoot a lot of football (soccer) with the 70-200 2.8 IS II and 100-400 lenses. I am thinking of adding a 7D to compliment the 5D so I can have both lenses mounted, but want to see what the real-world difference is between 6fps and 8fps?

Am I going to notice any real difference?

Have toyed with the idea of a 1D MkIV but am thinking the 7D would suffice, especially as I have the 5D III for low light.

I have both cameras, at first I didn't expect there to be a huge difference between 6 and 8 fps, but it is noticeable.  I'm not sure that it's a big enough difference to own both cameras by itself though.

There are many other good reasons to have both though, the crop factor is one for focal length limited photography.  I've found that I don't do a significant amount of this personally, so I'm not sure if I'll be holding onto my 7D or not.

Another good reason is to have a very capable back up body.  If you have to send your 5D in for something at some point, the 7D is a great camera to have around.  If you want to carry 2 lenses on 2 bodies for events, etc, you could certainly do worse than the 7D.

Generally I find the 5dmk3 image quality to be better, it varies from not a big deal to a huge deal.  At base iso 100 with a flash indoors I can barely tell the difference, I suspect that'll be the same outside shooting sports, though I have yet to test it head to head, still 40 degrees out there.  The 7D image quality is very good to 400 and good to 1600, I think.  I have felt free to shoot 3200 and 6400 but then you'll be limited in print size as have to do a bit more processing.  The 5Dmk3 is tons better in comparison to the 7D above ISO 400.  Still if your goal is to print, and you don't print posters all of the time, you mightn't see the difference up to 1600, but I suspect above that it'll be quite visible in even reasonable print sizes.

Having said that I have a 16x20 poster of Terry Bozzio on my wall from an ISO 3200 7D shot that looks great.  The 5Dmk3 makes it easier on you at those ISOs but I've also seen some masterful processing jobs with 7D files at higher ISO ranges.

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