Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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Re: Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

slimandy wrote:

You need to clarify the question a bit. Are you using them both on the same body?

I meant to use the FF lens on an FF body. Aslo, the body would match the lens in being of lower quality, perhaps due to being older tech. What I want is a point of comaprison between MFT and FF systems. Oly and Panasonic apparently want us to think that a 300mm MFT is basically the same as a 600mm FF. I think there might be some truth to it, but only if both the lens and the body are of a very superior quality

Bear in mind the focal length does not change. The difference comes from the size of the sensor, not the length of the lens. A 600mm lens is twice as long as a 300mm lens.

A 300mm f6.7 lens on MFT will give an equivalent field of view and depth of field as a 600mm f13 lens on FF.

I know. A shallow depth of field is not always desirable, so equivalent DOF is not necessarily relevant.

If you use a 600mm f6.7 lens on MFT it will give you the equivalent of 1200mm f13 on FF.

If you are using a 600mm f6.7 on FF and want to replicate it on MFT you will need a 300mm f3.5.

A 300mm f3.5 would be great, yes


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