5D MkIII + 7D?

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Re: 5D MkIII + 7D?

riknash wrote:

scottv69 wrote:

I have a 5D MkIII and shoot a lot of football (soccer) with the 70-200 2.8 IS II and 100-400 lenses. I am thinking of adding a 7D to compliment the 5D so I can have both lenses mounted, but want to see what the real-world difference is between 6fps and 8fps?

Am I going to notice any real difference?

Have toyed with the idea of a 1D MkIV but am thinking the 7D would suffice, especially as I have the 5D III for low light.

Don't waste your time or money on the 7D unless you just want to simply have fun with it. Yes, the 8fps(two extra frames per second)  is noticeable for anyone who uses the spray-n-pray technique to capture the best moments as I do for wildlife action shots and most certainly can be for action football.  Using Lexar 1000x cards, the 5DIII's 12 frame buffer depth limit is not noticeable for my work as the images are very quickly off-loaded onto the card. The crop sensor may be useful for its extra "reach", but a great working 5DIII will beat the pants off the AF accuracy and low to high ISO exposure settings of the 7D. The 7D will produce noise at base ISO if there is any under exposure you compensate for in post, along with great gobs of noise and banding noise as the ISO is increased as compared to the 5DIII. Basically, any noise you now see on the 5DIII you will see on the 7D at two stops lower. The IQ and colour will also be less satisfying. Why would you really want to lower your standards?

I use both for shooting action wildlife. If you consistently have properly composed and exposed subjects with the 5DIII, it will always produce a much better image than the 7D.  I plan to replace the 7D with a 7DII if Canon ever delivers it to market and if it has the rumored noise and AF improvements.

Yeah completely agree the 5DIII is better than the 7D but I am not replacing it, just looking for a supplement.

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