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Re: Streaking = Smart IQ

_sem_ wrote:

I'd kindly ask you to look again and closer. Look at the banding pattern in the lifted rock at the left of the image, where the sun rays are no longer strong. Notice there is an "edge" in the banding pattern; "regular" banding below and more intense banding or "streaking" above it. The edge is in the horizontal level of the sea and sun reflections in it. I think it is less pronounced than in the window samples, but enough to state that this isn't uniform banding.

Alright, I think I see what you're talking about...it's about at the 10% point on the x-axis. There is a distinct lightening occurring.  But now here's the really interesting observation...look at the rocks at the very left edge of the image. I can't see any streaking at all, just normal pattern noise.  Which says either that this effect has some relationship to distance from the bright source (as well as the sources extent), or that the streaked rock might have a bit more light reflected onto it from the surrounding rocks as well.

If we think about your statement a bit it would suggest that D7100 images really can't be pushed much at all...perhaps 1 stop for ISO 100. ...

I didn't say that at all. Banding shows up evident when pushing 6 or 7 stops, streaking a stop or two less than that.

My math error, then.  I was working from the +4 pulls previously cited in this forum.  I also note that the EXIF data on this image shows that it had a 2 stop underexposure applied - so yes, we're easily pulling 6 stops here.

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