Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

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Another Thought

In my previous post, I did not discuss camera to subject distance.  In many parts of the world, wildlife is very self protective and keeps great distances from humans.  In Northern Tanzania, and, I believe, Southern Kenya, wildlife are very unconcerned about people in cars.  They can be quite close, even right outside the door.  The drive for exotic telephoto lenses may not be necessary, and certainly is not always desirable

.  Sometimes the animals are just too close for even a mid range lens.  I have had friends take nearly the same trip we took with only a point and shoot, and they came back with great pictures.  I am including two photos from our trip of just such an encounters.  Even in the Serengeti and Ngoro Ngoro, where off-roading is prohibited, there are many encounters with animals close up.

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