Is a D800 worth $6k?

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Re: Is a D800 worth $6k? No, not IMO

Blindman wrote:

Mentioned to my wife several days ago that I'd like to upgrade my D7000 to a D800 which led to the "how much is it" question. To my amazement she said sure, but I get the same amount "no strings attached". So the question is if the D800 is worth $6,000 to upgrade from a D7000 that I have been very happy with. I have a decent assortment on FX lens so that won't be an issue. Mainly shoot wildlife and sports.

I usually stay out of these types of questions, but for some reason, this one piqued my interest.

IMO, no, it's not worth $6k to buy a d800.  It's a fine camera and I like mine a great deal, but I like the images that I get from a d7k too.

Since you state that you've been happy with the d7k, why do you need a new camera?  There are always good reasons for buying a new camera, including just having the desire for one.  But, if it's a financial problem, why do it?

I only bought mine because it was a refurb that was on sale for $2300.  IOW, the d800 wasn't even worth its retail price to me, let alone $6k.


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