Besides the heft, is the 50mm 1.4 worth the extra cost over the 1.8

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Re: Besides the heft, is the 50mm 1.4 worth the extra cost over the 1.8

Bryan Cady wrote:

I'm thinking of getting a 50mm with 6d kit I plan to get over the next few days.  Except for the 1.8 being much lighter and probably more fragile, do you get much more quality for the price with the 1.4?  I know the 1.4 uses more blades.  I'm looking at it for use mostly for narrow depth of fields.


sean lancaster wrote:

If you're wanting to use the 50 wide open (and you seem to indicate that is the case), then I'd explore the Sigma 50/1.4. Here's a thread elsewhere that compared the Sigma, and the two Canon 50s (1.4 and 1.8).

FYI, that thread is on a crop sensor, not a full frame. I guess it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, but sharpness and bokeh will be little different.

I've been looking for a 50mm as well, and if you're concerned about the size of the Canon 50mm, the Sigma 50mm is going to feel enormous and heavy.

I've been trying to get a good copy of the Sigma 50, but its not easy as many has focusing problems. I ordered a new one online last week and it really bad front to back focus shifts. I contacted Sigma, but I decided to return it. I've been trying craigslist in hopes of getting a good copy, but it seems like people selling used are selling because they're having problems.

In terms of image quality, I would say Sigma is the best of the three. You just need to find the one that focuses properly. I also have the Sigma 35mm, so I'm not in a hurry to get a 50mm. But it would be nice if I can find a good Sigma 50mm soon...   50L is out of my price range, so no need to talk about that one. Haha.

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